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Fqm Trident Mine Invaded By Illegal Miners

Fqm Trident Mine Invaded By Illegal Miners For Mining Of Unknown Minerales

In the Kalumbila District, unauthorized miners have encroached on First Quantum Minerals’ FQM Trident Mine and are engaged in unlawful mining operations for an unidentified mineral.
According to JOSEPH NGWIRA, manager of Trident Foundation Ltd, around 500 persons, including women and children, have started engaging in unlawful mining of an unidentified mineral.

According to Mr. NGWIRA, a pistol was retrieved from the site of unlawful mining two weeks ago.

Mr. NGWIRA said that the illegal mining is taking place from the North End of the mine’s premises when he was speaking to students from the Defense Services in Kalumbila.

A named Chinese national who has set up camp near the mine, he claimed, is buying the material from illegal miners.

According to Mr. NGWIRA, the mine is concerned about its security because it believes that the prolonged unlawful mining on its property could bring in illegal miners from neighboring provinces.

He added that the mine had contacted the Police, who will shortly establish camp at the unauthorized colony.

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