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Printed 7,500 Passports Since January

Since January 2023, the Passport Office has printed 7,500 passports.
Of of this number, 5,000 have been granted, while 2,5000 are still awaiting collection, according to DICKSON MATEMBO, Permanent Secretary For Research and Planning for the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security.

As he visited the passport office this morning to address complaints about the office’s delays in issuing passports to people requesting for the documents, Mr. MATEMBO remarked this to ZNBC News.

He blamed the system that was being upgraded for the hold-ups and lengthy lines at the passport office.
Since then, Mr. MATEMBO has urged the public to come to the office and pick up their paperwork.

He has recommended the general population to quit utilizing agents to process their passports and to instead follow the prescribed 14-day process.

Nonetheless, Mr. MATEMBO has issued a warning that disciplinary action will be taken if any passport office employees are found to have engaged in corruption.

And Mr. Matembo has made it clear that processing birth certificates moves along quickly and without interruption.
He observes that the majority of parents are not submitting information since they are unaware of the situation.

He also said that whenever funds are available, preparations are being made to move the office to a larger location.

Mr. MATEMBO says that because of the population increase since independence, it is necessary to store all documents in a roomy location.

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