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Tralard Project: Govt Building Water Infrastructure

In three provinces, Luapula, Northern, and Muchinga, the government is creating water infrastructure as part of the $100 million Transforming Landscapes for Resilience and Development (TRALARD) initiative, which is supported by the World Bank.

The monies are being utilized to construct water infrastructure in the Lunga District and other districts in the area, which are primarily covered in lakes and waterfalls, according to MIGHTY MUMBA, the Permanent Secretary of Luapula Province.
He revealed that pathways are being cleared and water jets are being made to facilitate movement on the water.

In Mansa, Mr. MUMBA told ZNBC News that the government wants to make it easier for locals to travel since they primarily reside on islands and rely heavily on water transportation.

The government intends to attract more investors to the area, which has over 100,000 hectors of rich, fertile land, in order to fully operationalize the Luena farming block.

According to Mr. MUMBA, the Luena farming block has tremendous potential and is ideally situated near the lucrative markets in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola.

He said that the farming block has the potential to make Zambia a regional food hub if used to its full potential. According to Mr. Mumba, this will encourage economic expansion and the development of jobs in Luapula and the nation at large.
In the Luela farming block, only the Kawambwa Green 2000 project is now in operation.

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