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Fund for UAE Entrepreneurs could help Many-Dodia

The Khalifa Fund of the United Arab Emirates is investing $15 million in Zambia for businesses. According to the Private Sector Development Association (PSDA), this money should be a revolving fund from which many people can profit.

The establishment of a revolving fund, according to association chairperson Yusuf Dodia, will promote expansion and broaden the benefits available to entrepreneurs in the nation.

However, he has pointed out that the investment must be accompanied with the development of skills through the creation of more trade organizations.

According to Mr. DODIA, developing soft skills will fill the skills gap in the nation’s entrepreneurial sector.

In Lusaka, he gave an interview to ZNBC News.

JITO KAUMBA, advisor for finance and investment to President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA, reported on Friday that a 15 million dollar funding for entrepreneurs was secured during the President’s recent trip to Abu Dhabi.

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