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Health Training Institutions May Experience Sanctions Due To Bad Outcomes

According to the Health Professions Council of Zambia HPCZ, health training institutions who produce subpar outcomes may begin to face consequences.

HPCZ Registrar and Chief Executive Officer FASTONE GOMA said it is sad that some universities create graduates who are unable to understand and put what they have learned into practice during an appearance on ZNBC’s Morning Live show.

He declared that moving forward, any such training center would be looked into and, if found wanting, would face sanctions for failing to turn forth qualified healthcare workers.

Additionally, according to Professor GOMA, the Council will hold two Medical Licentiate Exams this year for students graduating from a variety of health professions.

He claims that as part of the process of vetting graduates before they enter the workforce, the exams will be administered.

The Licentiate tests, according to Professor GOMA, are intended to boost graduates’ levels of competence and raise their standards as they are ready to enter the workforce.

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