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Funds Are Secured By Lusanje Power Limited For A Solar Project

An independent power producer led by Zambians, Lusanje Power Limited, has acquired around K8.6 million for the construction of a 25 Megawatt off-grid solar plant.

The project, which will be located in the Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone (LS MFEZ), will actively work to find a solution to the nation’s chronic energy crisis.

Lusaka South MFEZ Limited and Serenje Limited are partners on the project, and the South African Department of Trade and Industry provided the funding.

According to Lusaka South MFEZ Manager Corporate Affairs ALICE SCHULTZ, the organization and its affiliates will concentrate on creating utility-scale, sustainable, dependable, and economical energy solutions in the SADC area.

On the Copperbelt, a 100 megawatt solar project is being developed by Lusanje Solar Project, according to Ms. SCHULTZ.

She claims that in response to calls for diversification, LS-MFEZ Limited is actively working with its partner Serenje Limited to make the idea a reality.


The zone is currently home to two solar projects, Bangweulu Solar and Ngonye Solar, which together produce 88 Mega Watts of power through ZESCO, Ms. SCHULTZ continues.


In a statement to ZNBC News, Ms. SCHULTZ observes that the development is opportune given that Zambia, which primarily depends on hydropower, is facing an impending energy crisis.

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