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Germany Appeals To Creditors For Aid For Zambia

In order for Zambia’s government to concentrate on delivering services for its population, the German government has asked foreign creditors to assist Zambia in paying down its debt.

Ambassador of Germany to Zambia According to ANNE WAGNER-MITCHELL, in order for Zambia to restructure its debt with the assistance of all stakeholders, the current debt crisis requires participation from all creditors.

Ms. WAGNER-MITCHELL called on Zambians to understand and appreciate the efforts the government is making to resolve the debt situation while speaking in Lusaka on the fringes of an international conference for business reporters from all across Africa.

The withdrawal of subsidies, according to the German envoy, is one move that Zambians need to comprehend since it will lead to savings that will be distributed to other areas in need.

In the meanwhile, Ms. WAGNER-MITCHELL is optimistic that the repeal of the Defamation of the President Act and the passage of the Access to Information Law will widen the democratic field.

According to Ms. WAGNER-MITCHELL, the government has implemented measures that would widen the democratic field and enable democracy to flourish.

The democratic space, she claimed, had been eroding over time, but she was pleased that reforms were being carried out to set the nation free.

Meanwhile, the director of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung-KAS Media Sub-Saharan Africa, CHRISTOPH PLATE, announced that his organization has chosen to send business reporters to Zambia in order to see how the nation has changed over time.

According to Mr. PLATE, there is a lot of political and economic activity in Zambia that hardly ever appears in the international media.

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