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Gov Watching Cyclone Freddy

A Technical Committee has been established, according to Zambia’s Green Economy Minister COLLINS NZOVU, to track Cyclone Freddy’s effects there.

According to Mr. NZOVU, this committee consists of the Office of the Vice President, the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU), the Ministry of Infrastructure, and the Health Department.

He revealed that the Road Development Agency (RDA) had been requested by the Ministry of Infrastructure to send a team to check on potential washed-away bridges and roads in areas close to Malawi.

Mr. NZOVU was reacting to Lundazi Member of Parliament BRENDA NYIRENDA who had voiced worry that the district will soon become cut off owing to heavy rains and that bridges and roads would be washed away.

Shiwangandu Representative STEVEN KAMPYONGO was the other lawmaker to voice similar concerns.

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