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Warma: Small Plots Contain Water

The uncontrolled drilling of boreholes on smaller plots in the Lusaka neighborhoods of Lilayi and Chalala has prompted a warning from the Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) about potential water contamination.

WARMA Public Relations Officer MUBIANA NALWENDO says residents in the two residential zones are sinking boreholes in smaller plots spanning 20 meters by 20 which shortens the distance between the soakaways and the boreholes.

According to Mr. NALWENDO, the circumstance is alarming and may pollute the subsurface water storage facility.

According to him, drilling plots should be longer than 30 meters.

As a result of their potential to create flooding and water contamination, the Zambia Institute of Planners (ZIP) has encouraged local authorities to stop allocating smaller plots for residential zones.

The drilling of boreholes in smaller plots is not advised, according to ZIP President BUSIKU SULWE, because to the risk of contaminating the subterranean water storage facility.

Before giving out plots to citizens, Mr. SULWE asserts that the local government must service every one of them.

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