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Government Advise Cadres Against Extortion

All political figures who solicit donations from bus stops and other locations have been warned by the government that they will soon be prosecuted.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government MAAMBO HAMAUNDU claims that political membership is not taken into account by the law.

In an interview with ZNBC News, Mr. HAMAUNDU claims that cadrism deprives the government and the populace of funds that should be used for development.

According to him, the presence of cadres in bus terminals violates the law and interferes with the efficient running of the transportation system.

Bus drivers and the general public were also urged by Mr. HAMAUNDU to report such incidents to the appropriate authorities.

Yesterday, bus drivers for Capital Buses Company, often known as Flash buses in Lusaka, demonstrated against alleged harassment of political cadres in the CBD.

However, the drivers returned to work today.

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