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DERRICKY CHILUNDIKA, a member of parliament for Nchanga, has distributed checks totaling 966,000 Kwacha to more than 130 groups and cooperatives in his district.

The money distributed is for the Constituency Development Fund’s third and fourth quarter allotments.

Mr. CHILUNDIKA gave advice to the chosen applicants during the presentation of the checks at the Kabundi Secondary School in Chingola. He encouraged them to use the money for the intended community-benefitting projects.

He gave the recipient clubs and cooperatives a warning that if they misuse the monies, they will face legal action.

While this is going on, UPND Nchanga Constituency Chairman REUBEN SITALI claimed that the administration has demonstrated its unity by how it is allocating the CDF.

Earlier, MIRRIAM SAKAMEYA, a spokeswoman for cooperatives, claimed that the government had given the hopeless hope through the enhanced CDF.

In the meantime, the government has given more than one million Kwacha to several community organizations in the Lunga District’s Bangweulu wetlands.


Lunga District Commissioner MATTHEWS MWEWA announced during the handover ceremony that 1,956,000 Kwacha had been distributed through CDF for the improvement of people’s standard of living in the Luapula constituency.

According to Mr. MWEWA, the funds’ release demonstrates that the government has given decentralization top priority as a crucial tool for achieving development, eradicating poverty, and generating jobs through citizen engagement.

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