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Warning Councils Against Frustrating Cdf, Matambo

ELISHA MATAMBO, the Copperbelt Minister, has issued a warning that any council employee found attempting to obstruct the distribution of the Constituency Development Funds will be fired.

All 156 of the country’s seats have received their CDF allotment for 2022, according to Mr. MATAMBO, and nobody should be considered to be impeding the government’s agenda.

He laments the fact that some kids are still sitting on the floor in classrooms because there aren’t enough desks, even if the government has released the funding.

According to Mr. MATAMBO, such behavior won’t be tolerated, especially when the government is providing students with equitable access to education by implementing free education.

During the delivery of a one by three classroom building built by Chambishi Copper Smelter through its Corporate Social Responsibility program, he addressed the crowd in Kalulushi.


The Copperbelt Minister has meantime urged mining businesses in the area to invest in the communities where they do business.


According to Mr. MATAMBO, mining businesses on the Copperbelt must support government initiatives to improve the lives of the communities they operate in by offering crucial social services like health and education.

He argued that other mining firms in the Copperbelt should follow Chambishi Copper Smelter’s example and build classroom blocks and renovate health facilities in Kalulushi.

Additionally, the mining firm spends more than 4 million Kwacha on corporate social responsibility each year, but the sum has now climbed to 6 million Kwacha, according to acting chief executive officer CHENG MING of Chambishi Copper Smelter.

The building of the classroom blocks, according to Kalulushi District Education Board Secretary BBOLE MALAMBO, will boost enrollment levels in schools, particularly with the government’s newly enacted free education policy.

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