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Government and Catholic Church Pursue Peace and Unity

President Hakainde Hichilema’s administration has dispatched a delegation of ministers to engage in dialogue with the Catholic Church. Led by Honorable Felix Mutati, the delegation comprised Honorable Gary Nkombo, Honorable Doreen Mwamba, Special Assistant to the President Honorable Levy Ngoma, Honorable Sylvia Masebo, and Honorable Charles Milupi. The objective of this delegation was to foster a peaceful relationship between the government and the Catholic Church as a whole.

The delegation held fruitful discussions with Archbishop Ignatious Chama of the Kasama Diocese, resulting in an agreement that emphasized the vital role of dialogue between the church and the state. Both parties recognized the significance of maintaining an open channel of communication to ensure harmony and cooperation. A photograph captured the momentous occasion, showing Honorable Masebo, Honorable Nkombo, Archbishop Ignatius Chama, Honorable Mutati, Honorable Doreen Mwamba, Honorable Milupi, and Honorable Levy Ngoma.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church, specifically the Monze Diocese, has reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to promoting reconciliation, love, unity, and peace throughout the country. During the dedication ceremony of the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Monze, Right Reverend Bishop Raphael Mweempwa emphasized the importance of unity through reconciliation among Zambians and with God. He urged Christians to embody love, mutual understanding, and respect, viewing diversity as a source of enrichment rather than division among citizens.


Bishop Mweempwa urged believers to lead authentic Christian lives, emphasizing the need to align personal values with gospel principles and faith. The occasion saw the presence of Right Reverend Bishop Clement Mulenga of Kabwe Diocese, six traditional leaders, and senior government officials. Southern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Yolanta Malunga hailed the Holy Trinity Cathedral as a symbol of unity, transforming the face of both Monze District and Southern Province.

Ms. Malunga further expressed gratitude to the Catholic Church for their commitment to uplifting lives in Zambia. She acknowledged the alignment between the Church’s teachings of love, unity, justice, peace, and human development with the aspirations of the UPND government. Ms. Malunga praised the Catholic Church’s support in supplementing government efforts in various areas such as education, social programs, and infrastructure development, which aim to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals in society.

Chief Choongo of Monze District appealed to the government, the Church, and traditional leaders to collaborate in promoting unity and peace across the country. Recognizing the pivotal role of traditional leaders and the Church as custodians of the people, Chief Choongo urged them to complement government initiatives, particularly in the realm of development. Chief Choongo expressed gratitude for the Catholic Church’s notable contributions, especially in education and healthcare, and highlighted the Church’s role in shaping individuals to adhere to Christian values while traditional leaders preserve cultural norms.

Chief Choongo concluded by urging the government, the Church, and traditional leaders to unite their efforts, serving the Zambian people diligently and prudently. With both the government and the Catholic Church expressing their commitment to peace and unity, there is renewed hope for a harmonious future in Zambia.

Source: lusakatimes

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