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Government Expresses Concern Over Prolonged Dry Spell in Southern Zambia

The government has voiced its concerns regarding the prolonged dry spell affecting the southern half of the country. Chief Government Spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa, expressed apprehension over the lack of rainfall in the region for the past three weeks.

In an interview with ZNBC News, Mr. Mweetwa emphasized the potential implications of the dry spell, warning that if the situation persists, the nation could face a poor harvest. He highlighted the critical need for rainfall to support agricultural activities and ensure successful crop yields.

Mr. Mweetwa, who recently visited one of his farms in Kalomo’s Mukwela area, shared his firsthand observations of the adverse effects of the dry spell on agriculture. Despite the government’s efforts to provide support to farmers through initiatives such as the procurement of fertilizers and seeds, concerns remain regarding the viability of maize crops due to the insufficient rainfall and low soil moisture content.

As authorities continue to monitor the situation closely, efforts may be intensified to mitigate the impact of the dry spell on farmers and ensure sustainable agricultural practices in the affected regions.

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