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Government to Sponsor Over 2,000 Students and Pupils for Secondary School Bursaries

In a move aimed at enhancing educational opportunities and skills development, the government has announced plans to sponsor over 2,000 students and pupils for secondary school bursaries and skills training programs in Kitwe.

This initiative falls under the 2024 Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocation, with an estimated cost of approximately K31 million. Emmanuel Lupikisha, the Public Relations Officer for Kitwe City Council, revealed that the allocation will benefit a total of 1,989 students under the Youth Skills Development component, while 126 pupils will receive Secondary Boarding School bursaries.

Mr. Lupikisha disclosed that a staggering 11,070 applications were received for the 2024 CDF across all constituencies in Kitwe. This overwhelming response underscores the high demand for educational support and skills training opportunities among youth in the region.

Mr. Lupikisha elaborated that the sponsored students will undergo various skills training courses, including Auto Mechanics, Heavy Duty Machine Operations, Hospitality, and Electrical Engineering, among others. These programs will be offered at various Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA)-accredited institutions across the region.

The government’s commitment to investing in education and skills development reflects its dedication to empowering youth and equipping them with the necessary tools to thrive in the modern workforce. By providing access to quality education and practical skills training, this initiative aims to unlock the potential of young Zambians and foster socio-economic development in Kitwe and beyond.

As preparations for the implementation of the sponsored programs progress, stakeholders anticipate positive outcomes that will not only benefit individual students and pupils but also contribute to the overall growth and prosperity of the Kitwe community and the nation at large.

Source: Lusaka

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