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Government is urged to formalize sugilite mining

Government officials have been asked by a mining specialist to formalize Sugilite mining.

According to EDWARD SIMUKONDA, this is a result of illicit miners exporting the ore and dodging taxes.

According to Mr. SIMUKONDA, sugilite is a valuable mineral with the potential to bring in money for the government.


He claims that Sugilite, a precious metal that is also mined in Canada and Japan, is used to make jewelry.


The manner the material is mined in Luapula Province, according to Mr. SIMUKONDA, is regrettable.

He told ZNBC News that because the illegal miners don’t pay taxes, the government is losing a lot of money.

According to Mr. SIMUKONDA, sugilite mining needs to be formalized in the same way that copperbelt emerald mining is.

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