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Veep Orders ERB About Gasoline Tankers

The Energy Regulatory Board (ERB) has been directed by Vice President Mutete Nalumango to prevent Oil Marketing Companies from parking fuel trucks in residential areas.

Fuel tankers shouldn’t park in congested areas, according to Ms. NALUMANGO, because of the hazardous liquids they carry.

Addressing today at the scene of a fuel tanker explosion on Mungwi Road in Lusaka, Ms. NALUMANGO urged the ERB to protect public lives by removing tankers from residential areas.

The Vice President expressed his gratitude to the Zambia Air Force, Zambia National Service, and the Lusaka Fire Department for putting out the fire so swiftly.

Also, Mrs. NALUMANGO wished for a swift recovery when she visited the accident victims at the University Teaching Hospital.

Additionally, the National Coordinator of the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit, GABRIEL POLLEN, said that a team of emergency personnel who responded on the scene were able to stem the flow of fuel into a neighboring drainage.

When the Vice President visited the location, Energy Minister PETER KAPALA and Lusaka District Commissioner ROSA ZULU were there.

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