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Trades Along The Mwami-mchinji Border Impressed Swedish Business

The Swedish government is pleased with the increased commerce and commercial activity at the Mwami-Mchinji border after a One Stop Border Post was built.

The Swedish Ambassador to Zambia, JOHAN HALLENBORG, said his country is eager in seeing Zambia increase its trade levels with its neighbors while touring the $7.4 million facility with Chipata Mayor GEORGE ZULU.

The one-stop border station, according to Mr. MWANZA, is crucial to the social and economic growth of Chipata and other regions of the nation.

The Mayor congratulated the African Development Bank, COMESA, and the European Union for their different contributions and financial support of the border’s construction.

Also, the renovation of the border to a one-stop facility has increased revenue collection because products are cleared quickly and in real time, according to Zambia Revenue Authority Mwami Acting Station Manager STEVEN MBEWE.

He said that numerous trucks are now cleared at the border each day and that customers no longer have to wait a long time to cross.

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