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Curio Traders Want Gov To Forbid Hotels From Selling Curios

A restriction on the sale of curios in hotels and lodges has been requested by dealers at the Mukuni Park Curio Market in Livingstone in order to save their livelihood.


According to MICHAEL MUSHAUKWA, chair of Mukuni Park Curio Market, the firm is still recuperating from the consequences of the Covid -19, and the selling of curios by hotels and lodges is having an impact on their revenue.


According to Mr. MUSHAUKWA, the government must defend curio dealers against unjustified rivalry from hotels and lodges.

Another dealer, MAUREEN LUBAKENGI, asserts that the market needs assistance in using social media marketing to expand its operations.

FESTUS LISWANISO adds that the government had to think about providing loans to curio dealers so they can expand their operations.

Curio dealers, according to Mr. LISWANISO, can swiftly recover from the effects of Covid 19 with the help of the proper protection measures.

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