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Government will drill 3,000 holes.

To address the issues with insufficient water supply in various sections of the country, the government has allocated funding this year for the drilling of more than three thousand boreholes.

Ten dams will also be built this year in different Southern Province Districts.

Three dams will be built in the Zimba District, according to Water Development Minister MIKE MPOSHA, while two dams will be built in Kalomo.

When touring the water infrastructure in the two Districts in the Southern Province, Mr. MPOSHA remarked this.

He noted that the drought is affecting most of Southern Province’s districts, which is why interventions are being made.

According to the Minister, the nation now lacks water collecting infrastructure, such as dams to offer more water for the population.

Additionally, Zimba District Commissioner ROBINSON MULAMFU claimed that after the improvements are carried out, the problems with water will be lessened.

The dams that will be built, according to Kalomo Central Member of Parliament HARRY KAMBONI, would enhance local residents’ access to water.

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