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Police detain primary suspect in Murder of Fr. MBEBE

In connection with the death of Catholic priest Father DEODATUS KUNDA MBEBE in September of last year, police on the Copperbelt have detained a key suspect.

DANNY MAKINA of Kapoto Township in Kitwe was apprehended, according to Copperbelt Police Commissioner PEACEWELL MWEEMBA, after he confessed to killing Fr. MBEBE while being questioned.

According to Mr. MWEEMBA, MAKINA also acknowledged stealing the deceased’s car, which he later sold to a businessman from the Republic of Congo.

He has also revealed that SOFIA MULUMBI, whom MAKINA sold the phone to, has had Fr. MBEBE’s cellphone recovered from her.

The defendant will shortly appear in court for murder and aggravated robbery, the Copperbelt police chief told ZNBC News in an interview.

Father MBEBE, a 50-year-old priest from the Saint Joseph Mission in Kalulushi District, was discovered in a concrete block-strewn pool of blood in Pamodzi Township with facial injuries and a broken right arm.

His body was found 50 meters from the residence of the woman he was seeing.

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