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“Govt Lost $3m Every Year Due To Corruption In Pf Admin”

According to State House, during the previous administration, corruption cost the government three million dollars a year.

The revenues went into private wallets, according to State House spokesman ANTHONY BWALYA, which is why the majority of the country’s economic sectors fell behind.

According to Mr. BWALYA, President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s efforts to combat corruption have plugged the majority of loopholes and directed the money toward development initiatives.

At a press conference in Lusaka, he told media that among other accomplishments made possible by his government, President HICHILEMA is happy that students may now get food allowances, pensioners are paid, and free education is offered in schools.

The fight against corruption will continue to make sure that any gaps and leaks of public monies are sealed, Mr. BWALYA stated.

Even those found wanting under the new administration would have to face the law, he claimed, as the war is NOT selective.

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