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Govt Seeking Opinions On Barotse Land Agreement

Government is researching the Barotse land arrangement, according to Vice President Mutele Nalumango.

But Mrs. NALUMANGO asserts that Zambia is still a united nation.

She claims that certain prior leaders made commitments in this area and that, as a new government, the UPND is attempting to grasp the specifics of the agreement.

During Vice Presidents Question Time in Parliament, she said this.

Shiwang’andu Member of Parliament STEPHEN KAMPYONGO asked about the government’s stance on the Barotseland agreement, and Mrs. Nalumango was answering.

Mrs. NALUMANGO, in the meantime, claims that the government will make a statement regarding the supposed sale of the Kansashi Mine.

According to Mrs. NALAUMANGO, the issue is crucial and demands a thorough reaction and stance from the government.

The opposition leader Brian Mundubile inquired why the government had not consulted with Parliament about the suspected sale of shares in Kansashi Mine, which was published in a Daily Tabloid. The vice president responded by making this statement.

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