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HH Instructs Military Staff To Protect The Countries’ Sovereignty

Senior military commanders who have graduated from the Defence Services Command and Staff College have been exhorted by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA to defend their nations’ sovereignty and uphold international harmony.

A professional military, according to President HICHILEMA, is necessary to sustain stability and security in the Southern African region.

President HICHILEMA urged the military in the area to keep cooperating to advance regional peace and security in a speech delivered on his behalf by Defense Minister AMBROSE LUFUMA at the 24th graduation ceremony for the Defence Services Command and Staff College in Lusaka.

He added that the government wants the Zambian military to be a vital player in the nation’s economic recovery.

The new Defense Services Command and Staff College is currently being built in Makeni, Lusaka, and President HICHILEMA has asked the Defence Minister to find funding to complete it.

The Commandant of the Defence Services Command and Staff College, HUMPHREY NYONE, also stated that the college is preparing senior military leaders to address contemporary trends in conflict, disaster relief, and national development.

According to Brigadier General NYONE, the 79 graduates were exposed to both domestic and foreign study tours during their 11 months of instruction to help them better comprehend the military’s role in preserving peace and security.

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