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Govt Seeking Partnership with Traditional Leaders and WWF

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and traditional leaders need to form stronger ties with the government, according to Vice President Mutele Nalumango.

The Vice President claims that their collaboration will lessen deforestation and contribute to environmental preservation and protection.

Because they are the guardians of the land, traditional leaders, according to Mrs. NALUMANGO, are crucial to preserving and safeguarding the ecosystem.

During the 60th WWF anniversary celebrations in Lusaka yesterday, the Vice President made this statement in a speech that was read for her by the Minister of the Green Economy, COLLINS NZOVU.

Mr. NZOVU has also unveiled the WWF Zambia Advisory Board and the country strategy for 2022–2026.

Additionally, WWF Country Director NACHILALA NKOMBO stated that the organization is still dedicated to using conservation to create a safer and more affluent country.

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