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HH stresses importance of having judiciary thats receptive and responsible

President Hakainde Hichilema has emphasized the importance of a quick and fair judicial system as well as the necessity of a responsive and accountable judiciary.

The goal of the collaboration, according to Mr. Hichilema, who has enjoyed the open and honest exchange of ideas with the arm of justice, is to improve the provision of justice to residents in a timely manner and in accordance with the rule of law, along with openness and accountability.

Speaking at the judicial conference Livingstone’s official opening, Mr. Hichilema stated that the government was committed to the Executive arm of government continuing to support the judiciary’s decentralization process and making it easily accessible to our citizens in rural communities.

“We appreciated the open and candid exchange of ideas aimed at strengthening the delivery of justice to our citizens, in a timely manner and within the enhanced rule of law coupled with transparency and accountability. There is need for a collaborative approach with all concerned parties, in identifying the impediments in the speedy delivery of justice, by isolating oppressive and archaic laws in our statutes that need repealing, in order that they are in concert and relevant to modern times, so that ambiguities in the delivery of judgements are avoided at all costs,” he said.

The Head of State reaffirmed the government’s belief that it must answer to the people it represents in order to maintain their trust. As a result, the government must work to make timely decisions that bring an end to a case rather than ones that leave room for confusion and inconsistencies.

“To us, the three arms of Government are triplets that should work in close liason, in improving the welfare of our citizens. The Judiciary should equally take keen interest in economic matters and also ensure that public resources are used prudently, so as to improve their working conditions at all levels,” he said.

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