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Govt & World Bank Launch Zamgrow

A 300 million dollar World Bank-funded program called Zambia Growth Opportunities Plan For Results, or ZAMGRO, has been established by the government.

The five-year program aims to advance agricultural diversification, sustainability, and employment opportunities in Zambia’s agri-food industry.

According to acting Finance Minister CHARLES MILUPI, the program’s implementation will enhance the value of agricultural exports from 756 million US dollars in 2021 to over a billion dollars by 2026.

During the program’s implementation phase, Mr. MILUPI said, the program will also assist the nation in achieving a minimum growth rate of 10% in the agricultural sector.

Today in Lusaka, when he presided over the ZAMGRO program’s launch, Mr. MILUPI expressed his gratitude to the World Bank for providing funds for the initiative’s implementation.

Also, according to Agriculture Minister REUBEN MTOLO, the program would support the government’s initiatives to advance nutrition security, fight poverty, and promote food security.

Since then, he has expressed gratitude to the nation’s traditional chiefs for designating 100,000 hectares in each province for the program’s implementation.

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