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Veterinary Provincial Officers Get Vehicles

A 300 million dollar World Bank-funded program called Zambia Growth Opportunities Plan For Results, or ZAMGRO, has been established by the government.

The five-year program aims to advance agricultural diversification, sustainability, and employment opportunities in Zambia’s agri-food industry.

According to acting Finance Minister CHARLES MILUPI, the program’s implementation will enhance the value of agricultural exports from 756 million US dollars in 2021 to over a billion dollars by 2026.

During the program’s implementation phase, Mr. MILUPI said, the program will also assist the nation in achieving a minimum growth rate of 10% in the agricultural sector.

The country’s veterinary officers have been urged by the minister of fisheries and livestock, MAKOZO CHIKOTE, to remain steadfast and concentrate on the control of cattle diseases.

According to Mr. CHIKOTE, this is because the government continues to prioritize the control of livestock diseases, which is why more resources are being allocated to animal health services.

The Minister was addressing in Lusaka at the delivery of 10 Land Cruiser vehicles that cost 10.4 million Kwacha to Provincial Veterinary Officers.

He has also stated that in order to improve the animal health extension services provided to livestock farmers, his ministry is in the process of purchasing 330 motorcycles for front-line employees.

Mr. Chikote has asked veterinary authorities to use the 10 vehicles for the specified reasons and has issued a warning against any unethical business activities in the purchase of motorcycles.

Also, according to Veterinary Services Interim Director GEOFFREY MUUKA, transportation has been a significant obstacle to veterinary officers’ ability to perform their jobs effectively.

With transportation being readily available, Dr. MUUKA asserts that veterinarians will make every effort to assist livestock farmers.

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