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“Gulfstream Jet Sale to Benefit Citizens

According to State House, President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA made the decision to sell the Presidential Gulfstream jet to maximize the socioeconomic benefits for the populace.

Public funds earned, according to Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya, would be redistributed to regions of need, especially in vital industries like water and sanitation, health and education, and other.

According to Mr. BWALYA, President HICHILEMA has a moral duty to address and lessen the social and economic harm brought on by the purchase of the Gulfstream.

In a statement provided to ZNBC News, Mr. BWALYA said that it was unethical and unfair for the former president EDGAR LUNGU’s administration to use nearly $200 million in loan funds, plus interest, to purchase the jet at a time when the economy was struggling.

He added that it is regrettable that some opposition political figures have criticized the President’s choice to sell the jet and forego using it.

It demonstrates, according to Mr. BWALYA, that political leaders are unable to put citizens’ well and wellbeing first.

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