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Hachombwa’s Statement Concerning Millers Is Disowned By Upnd

The ruling UPND has retracted a claim made by one of its members, BEENE HACHOMBWA, that Patriotic Front members are a majority of the Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ).

Mr. HACHOMBWA is mentioned in today’s Daily Nation as saying that the increased cost of mealie meal is due to MAZ, which is made up of PF members.

Mr. HACHOMBWA is not a member of any party organization, according to UPND Secretary General BATUKE IMENDA, hence the party does not support his assertion.

The statement made by Mr. HACHOMBWA, according to Mr. IMENDA, is risky because it can damage MAZ’s relationship with the government and the ruling party.

Mr. IMENDA issued a warning that Mr. HACHOMBWA will face punishment for making an unapproved statement during a news conference conducted in Lusaka.


And Andrew Cintala, the president of MAZ, voiced his disappointment that his organization had been associated with politics when it is non-partisan.

According to Mr. CHINTALA, MAZ is a wholly private business organization that has been collaborating with the government to ensure the nation’s food security.


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