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Haimbe Safeguards Market Traders

About 60 traders at the Bauleni market in Lusaka, whose goods were destroyed there, have received start-up money to expand their operations.

The increase is between 1,000 and 5,000 Kwacha.

This comes from the about 180,000 Kwacha that several parties involved donated to the impacted marketeers.

The money, according to MULAMBO HAIMBE, a member of parliament for Lusaka Central, is a relief to the traders after they lost products in the fire two weeks ago.

The monies to assist the traders were raised, according to Mr. HAIMBE, who is also the minister of justice, through the efforts of his office and other stakeholders.

According to him, the majority of the impacted traders were unable to continue operating because of a lack of capital.

However, Mr. Haimbe has praised Discovery Insurance Company for contributing $100,000 to the call.

The gift is a component of the company’s social obligation, according to NONDE MYALI, chief executive officer of Discovery Insurance Company.

And ELIZABETH KUNDA, a Trader who was impacted, thanked the local MP and other stakeholders for the relief cash.

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