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Happy 28th birthday Wezi Heartsound

Wezi heart sound

Wezi, sometimes refered to as Wezi HeartSound comes from a long tradition of soulful Zambian singers; and if you want to see her bare her soul – listen to her hit single Ambuya.

Wezi is a talented guitarist, vocalist and song writer who swept the Zambian music industry by storm when she burst onto the scene in 2012. Born Wezi Mhone to a christian family, she has four siblings. She credits her passion music to her parents (Dad – an Apostle, Mom – a pastor) who encouraged her to sing. She started singing at the tender age of 7 such that by the time she was 11 she was writing and performing her own songs and poems.

Wezi posted on her instagram giving thanks to her mother for giving her life on this day back in 1992.

Cleo Ice Queen also wished Wezi saying to her: It’s so amazing and so appropriate that your birthday falls on #AfricaDay.
You, me and Africa are Gemini’s ♊️ 😉 (and Tupac our shared love😂)