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HH Confers With Mpezeni

Chiefs are essential to the growth of the nation, thus President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has promised to collaborate with them closely and benefit from their expertise.

The President acknowledged that it is crucial to collaborate with traditional leaders at all levels.

At Community House, President HICHILEMA was having a conversation with Paramount Chief MPEZENI of the Ngoni People of Chipata and Chief MAGUYA of Eastern Province.

During his visit, Chief MPEZENI gave the President an update on the Ncwala, which is scheduled for February 23 and 24, as well as on his attendance at the Zulu King’s coronation in South Africa and any engagements he had with the King.

Chief MPEZENI stated that he wishes to collaborate with the President to promote growth.]

He claimed that as a traditional leader, it is his duty to cooperate with the current administration.

However, the Chief asked the President to freely consult with him and other traditional leaders because they are the keepers of information from their subordinates.

Senior Chief Ishindi of the Zambezi area was among the traditional leaders President HICHILEMA met with two days ago as part of his ongoing engagement with them.

Additionally, President HICHILEMA expressed concern over the nation’s rising divorce rate.

According to him, marriage is sacred and should be entered into by both parties for life.

Family values are essential, the President continued, since leadership begins at home.

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