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HH Founds Unit To Raise Development

A delivery unit was established by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA to hasten the execution of the nation’s development ambitions.

The unit, according to President HICHILEMA, is concentrated on boosting exports in order to achieve growth.

The President claims that in order for the private sector to take over as the primary engine of economic growth, the government is trying to expand private sector investment capacity.

When he met a delegation from the Africa Financial Corporation-AFC at State House, he remarked this.

AFC President and Chief Executive Officer SAMAILA ZUBAIRU stated during the same meeting that his organization is prepared to provide funding for infrastructure projects in Zambia as a launching pad for industrialization.

According to Mr. ZUBAIRU, the trend of raw material export from Africa does not help growth because it entails the exportation of numerous other things, such as capital and jobs.

A continental organization called the Africa Financing Corporation (AFC) was established to aid in the industrialization of African nations.

Former Nigerian President GOODLUCK JONATHAN and former South African President THABO MBEKI were among the notable figures who founded the Corporation on behalf of the African Union (AU).

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