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Zambia Receives A Bust Of Neto From Angola

In an effort to strengthen ties between the two nations, the Angolan government gave a bust of AUGUSTINO NETO, the country’s first president, to the Lusaka National Museum.

In order to demonstrate how the two liberation heroes collaborated, Zambia is also expected to donate a bust of the country’s first president, KENNETH KAUNDA, to Angola.

The building of busts for the two founding fathers of Angola and Zambia would increase tourism for both nations, according to acting tourism minister MIKE MPOSHA, who is also minister of water development.

According to Mr. MPOSHA, Zambia is pleased that Mr. NETO’s bust has been presented in Zambia as well, following the example of many other nations where the Angolan leader has traveled.

The decision to send the bust to Zambia was made by the Angolan government, according to FELIPE ZAU, Minister of Culture of Angola, because Zambia was a key player in the independence of Angola.

According to Mr. ZAU, Dr. KAUNDA gave liberation groups a free environment, and NETO took advantage of the chance to train revolutionaries near the Zambia-Angola border.

Maria Neto, the widow of Mr. Neto, expressed her appreciation to Zambia for agreeing to house the bust of her late husband at the Lusaka National Museum.

Son of Dr. KAUNDA, KAWECHE, and Head of the National Museum Board, ALEXANDER MUTALE, also spoke at the event.

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