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HH: New Dawn Is Committed To Investment-based Country Development

According to President HAKANDE HICHILEMA, his administration is dedicated to helping the nation flourish by encouraging investment.

President HICHILEMA urged businesspeople to work with the government to advance its goals for Zambians.

When US-based mining company KoBold Metals announced a 150 million US dollar investment in mining exploration and development at Chililabombwe’s Mingomba copper mine, the president made the call.

This occurred in Washington, DC, in conjunction with the summit of US and African leaders.

The 150 million dollar investment represents KoBold Metals’ first significant commitment to mineral development under President HICHILEMA, according to company president JOSH GOLDMAN.

GINA RAIMONDO, the US Secretary of Commerce, had stated that this year’s summit will witness the announcement of 14 projects totaling $15 billion, which is an increase from the commitments made at the US-Africa Summit in 2014.

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