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Kafue Council Is Still Suspended Until Evidence Is Filed

Garry Nkombo, the minister for local government and rural development, has told the people of Kafue that the suspended council will be reinstalled as soon as the investigations are finished.

According to Mr. Nkombo, the government was left with no choice but to suspend the council due to the uncertainty surrounding its operations.

Mr. Nkombo spoke yesterday in Kafue at the distribution of empowerment monies and equipment bought using Constituency Development Fund money (CDF).

“I want to be clear and state for the record that I followed the established law when I sent the council members home. Considering that there were going to be murders here in Kafue. The police were overwhelmed because they ignored them, he claimed.

The Kafue Council’s suspension will set a good example for others, the Minister continued, and the government would not tolerate any acts of disruption by anyone.

“We didn’t win the election by staging protests. We come bearing a message of order,” said Mr. Nkombo.

Following arguments in the council chambers, Mr. Nkombo, a Mazabuka Member of Parliament, suspended the Kafue Council.

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