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HH says no to war

War, according to PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema, is unnecessary because it deprives nations of resources that are essential for growth.

Mr. Hichilema has made a strong case against war, saying that nations that have experienced its negative effects have been prevented from developing and had their resources taken.

Since then, the Head of State has urged nations all over the world to pool their resources in order to further development and aid in the recovery of economies.

President Hichilema said in an interview that violence is a barrier to progress and shouldn’t be tolerated when he is in Doha, Qatar for the Fifth United Nations meeting.

“No country in the world today needs wars or needs conflict. Not Europe, not Africa, not the Arabic world, no one,” he said.

He said war is a cancer that wreaks havoc wherever it was witnessed, which is why there is need for close ties between countries to help ensure war is cut out completely for nations to enjoy development.

“Every country needs every available resource to be driven into the development direction. Let us pull resources towards development and not war,” Mr Hichilema said

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