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HH: We Are Coming Up With Solutions For Load Shedding

The administration is aware of the difficulties created by the continued load shedding to several economic sectors, according to President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA.

According to President HICHILEMA, the government is making every effort to lessen these difficulties in the short and long terms.

He claims that the Ministry of Energy is developing an Energy Sufficiency Strategy to speed up the procedures for investors to create Independent Power Producers.

According to President HICHILEMA, the plan would be made public and include a window for Zambians to participate in Power Producing Ventures.

According to him, the goal of the government is to establish a thriving economy that would give people employment possibilities.

The President declares that his government will stick to this course of action despite any unforeseen roadblocks they may encounter.

He claims that the majority of this year will be devoted to breaking down domestic barriers to economic growth.

President HICHILEMA indicated that the government is wary of inaccurate news that could mislead and derail its resolve and plans to keep its promises to the Zambian people in a post that ZNBC watched on his Facebook Page.

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