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Veep: Health workers’ lack of cooperation Impeding Delivery of services

The collaboration between medical professionals who prescribe medications and those who administer medications in healthcare facilities needs to be strengthened, according to Vice President Mutete Nalumango.

Mrs. NALUMANGO claims to have discovered that a lack of cooperation is to blame for the situation in which new medications are prescribed despite the existence of alternatives with the same ingredients on the list of necessary medications in healthcare facilities.

According to her, this is giving the impression that there are no drugs available in the nation’s healthcare institutions.

The Vice President made this statement at the Levy Mwanawasa University Teaching Hospital, where she was conducting research on the accessibility of medications in response to public concerns.

To verify that the pharmacy’s stock levels matched the management’s information she had been receiving, Mrs. NALUMANGO physically inspected the establishment.

The clinic has 100% supplies of HIV, TB, and malaria medications, according to Levy Mwanawasa Senior Medical Superintendent JOHN MUSUKU.

93 percent of the hospital’s vital medications, according to Professor MUSUKU, are on hand.

Additionally, the government will resolve delays in the purchase of medicines this year, according to health permanent secretary Professor LACKSON KASONKA.

The vice president also carried out similar checks at the level one hospitals in Chipata and Matero, where she spoke with patients to learn their perspectives on the accessibility of medications at the facilities.

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