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N-Western Chiefs Request Consultations Regarding 1958 Chiefdom Boundary

In North-Western Province, traditional leaders have demanded more discussions with the government regarding the 1958 chiefdom boundary map.

The boundary mapping that the government is enforcing, according to Chief NTAMBU, who is also the vice chairperson of the North Western Province House of Chiefs, was done without consulting traditional elders.

The border mapping system should be updated, according to the traditional of the Mwinilunga district, taking into account the present circumstances and suggestions from Traditional leaders.

The Chief stated at the Consultative Meeting on Traditional Boundaries Mapping that the existing boundary map will not end the disputes over boundaries but rather make them worse in chiefdoms all over the province.

However, the government has just replicated the outdated 1958 boundary map, according to NICHOLAS PHIRI, Permanent Secretary for Technical Services for Local Government and Rural Development.

According to Mr. PHIRI, the government is distributing the 1958 chiefdom border map to traditional leaders all around the nation in an effort to stop the frequent boundary conflicts that have plagued the nation.

North-Western Province Minister Robert Lihefu stated that the government is worried about the detrimental effects that chiefdom boundary disputes have had on the province’s growth.

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