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Hichilema remembers RB

Former Republican President Rupiah Banda will be remembered for his support of democracy and the rule of law, according to President Hakainde Hichilema.

The former head of state, known affectionately as RB, belonged to a generation of leaders who brought political emancipation, a dwindling generation of patriots who stood against the wickedness and injustices associated with racism and all forms of discrimination, President Hichilema said in remarks at the first memorial service for Mr. Banda.

In his opinion, Mr. Banda’s tagline, “A President For All Zambians,” accurately reflected his all-encompassing nature because he was not only a father to his family but also to the entire country.

“Today marks exactly one year since we bade farewell to a great African statesman, His Excellency Mr Rupiah Bwezani Banda, Fourth President of the Republic of Zambia who passed away on Friday 11’th March 2022.

His belief in democracy and the rule of law was unequivocal and firm. This is reaffirmed in his inaugural lecture he gave at the African Presidential Centre at Boston University,” he said.

Zambia, the continent, and the entire globe, according to President Hichilema, have a lot to learn from the late President Banda’s legacy.

He requested that people keep praying for Mrs. Thandiwe Banda, the former first lady, and her entire family.

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