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Hon. Munir Zulu accuses Sampa of practicing homosexuality

Ba Sampa good morning? The boys you sent to pose for pics in lumezi at a boarding school poster have made a video but equally educate them that I am not like you who does not know who their father is?

Educate them that I am not your fellow junkie, Educate them that I have never been a suspected ruth mandu killer by citizens at any given moment! Educate them that I have never sold property to survive like you did.

Educate them that Lumezi does not practice homosexuality like you do and pretend to be married! Educate them that they should not wait for me to be outside Zambian jurisdiction for them to make videos ! Educate them that junkies have no space in the modern Lumezi.

Finally tell them to limit their opinion to your fellow junkies where you are suspected killers of women and develop memory lapses as a result of not sleeping comfortably as you are haunted by your previous suspicion.

Source: zambianobserver

In other news – Vice-President Mutale Nalumango says the UPND government will be in power for 50 years

VICE-President Mutale Nalumango says it is disappointing that the Constituency Development Fund is not being used quickly enough so that more money can be released. And the Vice-President says the UPND government will be in power for 50 years.

Mutale Nalumango

During the vice-president’s question time, Friday, Bwacha PF MP Sydney Mushanga questioned why opposition and independent-led constituencies were being discriminated against by government in terms of CDF disbursements, claiming that they had only received about K6 million per constituency. Read more

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