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Housekeeper Charged with defiling the boss’s son

According to reports, Mpika’s maid defiled her boss’ 13-year-old kid. The victim is thought to have been followed by Maria Zulu while he was taking a bath and urged to have Violate her there.

The victim allegedly rejected her advances, but she later pushed herself onto him while still nude.

The event, according to Ronald Zambo, a Muchinga deputy commanding officer, happened on Monday, April 10, in the Mpika township of Tazara.

According to him, the sufferer complained of a sore private area and discharge.

“Brief facts are that the victim went to take a bath. whilst bathing, the suspect opened the bathroom door and asked him if he could have canal knowledge of her, but he refused.The suspect insisted and she started removing her clothes while touching the victim and she forced herself on him and had carnal Knowledge of him,” he said.

Mr Zambo said when they were through, the suspect quickly dressed up and left the bathroom.

“After a few minutes, she went back to the bathroom and warned the victim not to tell anyone or else she will stop giving him food.However, the victim informed his mother who then took the case to Mpika Police Station,” he said.

Mr Zambo added that acting on the report, officers issued a medical report form, opened a docket of case and have launched investigations in the matter.

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