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illegal structures Demolished By LCC

In an operation Friday night, the Zambian police and the Lusaka City Council (LCC) destroyed illegal buildings near the Mandevu Junction lay-by.

Four children were taken into custody during the operation for acting out, according to a statement made by LCC Acting Public Relations Manager Mastone Moonze.

“A combined team of LCC, State Police and city planning department last night swung into action and demolished some structures illegally erected at Mandevu Junction lay-by. The operation was undertaken after the owners of the business called “raising youths who lift one another take away restaurant” defied numerous notices of  caution from the city council. The operation started at 21:00 hours last night and ended at 03:00 hours this morning,” said Mr Moonze.

He claimed that four young people displayed disorderly conduct, began stoning officers on the ground, and furthered damaged their tools.

“These youths were, however, apprehended and are detained at Lusaka Central Police Station.

Mr Moonze said some items such as refrigerators, Television sets, beer and soft  drinks were confiscated from the business owners for failing to comply with the council directive.

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