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NAPSA Assures who qualify that they shouldn’t worry because their money will be paid

The National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) has assured everyone who is qualified for a partial withdrawal that money will be paid and has warned the public not to panic.

Additionally, the Authority has revealed that as of yesterday, April 25th, a total of K253.7 million had been paid out to those who qualified for the partial withdraw.

Prior to now, certain members of the public had claimed that the NAPSA system was broken and stuck, preventing some of them from accessing their partial withdrawal.

The system keeps getting stopped at specific moments, according to the public members who are angry, which makes them worry about receiving their partial benefits.

Others have stated that they cannot get their benefits since their paperwork is insufficient.

But in an interview with Mwebantu, NAPSA Managing Director Muyangwa Muyangwa reassured the members that they will all receive their half rewards and shouldn’t worry.

“People should not panic. I can assure every member that qualifies shall be paid. Money will not run out. We shall pay every member that qualifies,” he said.

Mr. Muyangwa also mentioned that the Authority had received some complaints about users having trouble navigating the system, but he assured them that the issues are being resolved.

“While we are having people facing challenges with navigating the system. To address this, we have also triggered what we are calling business continuity by opening our services at as early as 07:00 hours and then close until the last man standing is attended to,” he said.

He also said challenges such as an employer submitting incomplete records for employees are also being addressed.

“I can also say that as at yesterday,we had a total of 6,621 members paid and the total stands at K253.7 million being disbursed in the nine days that we started the process,” he said

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