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Immunity Voted Off For Milingo Lungu

Former Konkola Copper Mine Provisional Liquidator MILINGO LUNGU’s immunity from prosecution has been removed by Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) GILBERT PHIRI.

The revocation, according to NPA spokesperson CHALI HAMBAYI, came after the former director of public prosecution LILIAN SIYUNYI reviewed the immunity agreement given to Mr. LUNGU.

According to Mrs. HAMBAYI, Mr. PHIRI has exercised the authority granted to him by Article 180 of the Constitution and Section 8 of the National Prosecution Act in his capacity as the current DPP.

According to her, the change makes Mr. LUNGU now a target for prosecution, and his cases in which the state entered nolle prosquei could be given new life.

This was said by Mrs. Hambayi today in LUSAKA during a news conference.

In April, it came to light that Mr. LUNGU had made a deal with the State in which he agreed to relinquish his position as KCM Provisional Liquidator, take part in an audit to balance his remuneration fees, and forgo criminal prosecution.

According to Mr. Lungu, the Attorney General MULILO KABESHA, the Solicitor General MARSHAL MUCHENDE, the former DPP LILLIAN SIYUNYI, and Special Assistant to the President for Legal Affairs CHRISTOPHER MUNDIA were among the state officials who mediated the agreement.

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