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Improve Aquacultural Activities – Dc

JOEL MBOYOMA, the district commissioner for Chisamba, has urged the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock to intensify aquaculture efforts.

According to Mr. MBOYOMA, in light of the negative consequences of climate change, aquaculture is still the sole viable source of income for the majority of people in Chisamba.

He has observed that the adverse effects of climate change frequently have an impact on the fields of crops in the Chisamba district.

Apart from the Mwomboshi Irrigation Dam, Mr. MBOYOMA claims that the Chisamba district contains numerous other water bodies that can be used for aquaculture production.

During his conversation, Mr. MBOYOMA was interrupted by a team of Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock officers who were in the area conducting an aquaculture pretesting survey.

Moreover, SUCCEED MUBANGA, the director of policy and planning for the ministry, stated that the pretesting exercise is crucial for honing the instruments that will be used to perform aquaculture surveys.

According to Mr. MUBANGA, the survey tool will be useful in gathering information for upcoming aquaculture surveys that are essential in formulating policies to improve the aquaculture sector in the nation.

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