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In accidents on Muchinga Road, two young pedestrians died.

In separate traffic accidents, TWO children, ages three and four, died in Muchinga Province.

Gilbert Sichembe was murdered by a bus in a hit-and-run accident at Ntatumbila village the first accident, which occurred a day earlier at around 17:00 hours.

Three-year-old Sichembe was crossing the street when he was struck by a bus carrying 32 passengers who were unharmed.

After the collision, the bus’s driver, Steven Silumbwe, did not stop, leaving Sichembe with a fractured left leg and head wounds.

Silumbwe, 36, was stopped at a roadblock in Mbala and taken into custody at the Mbala Police Station, according to Muchinga police.

“On board were 32 passengers who escaped unhurt and involved was a pedestrian male juvenile Sichembe aged three who sustained suspected fractured leg and fatal head injuries and was pronounced dead upon arrival at Nakonde district hospital,” said Muchinga Province Deputy Commanding Officer Ronald Zambo..

In another accident, a four year old boy of Isoka died after being hit by a volvo truck and trailer as he was crossing the road.

Mr Zambo said the accident happened yesterday around 15:00 hours in Chifuma village.

“The accident happened when the said juvenile (Boniface Mutale) was crossing the road and in the process was hit by the truck. The driver is in custody at Isoka police station and the motor vehicle is impounded and parked at the said police station,”he said.

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