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infamous Konkili detained for biting officer of the law

John Mwanza, alias Konkili, a suspected armed robber of Chibolya Township who had been on the police wanted list, was recently apprehended and brought before a judge.

Mwanza is charged with trying to stab and biting a police officer who was trying to arrest him.

However, the suspect and two other conspirators, Chrispin Chinunka and Mwemwa Sampa, all from Chibolya Township, were successfully apprehended.

The three people are all accused of intentionally causing great bodily damage.

The three are accused of attacking Henry Soneka on January 1 with the purpose to seriously hurt him, maim, or disfigure him.

The defendants showed up before Lusaka Magistrate Chrispin Hampungani on Monday for the reading of the charge, which may only be heard by the High Court.

Following the explanation of the charge, a State’s attorney notified the court that it was appropriate to refer the case for a trial to the High Court.

At this point, magistrate Hampungani transferred the case for a summary trial to the High Court.

According to police investigations, at around 07:30 on the relevant day, officials at Lusaka Central Police Station learned that a Mwanza, a wanted criminal, had been seen in Chibolya.

The adamant suspect was captured by Mr. Soneka and a crew when they sped to the site.

However, as the culprit was being apprehended, he bit Mr. Soneka, leaving him with a human bite on his hands.

The suspect’s military knife, which he intended to use to stab the officer of the law, was also taken away by the policeman.

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